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I understand how traumatic challenges in families can be. I have an adult daughter who at the age of 16 months nearly died, until she was diagnosed and treated for type 1 diabetes.


This was a very traumatic time for my husband and I, as doctors had not diagnosed it initially. I knew something was wrong and they couldn't figure out what. When she was hospitalised, as she was in a coma, the doctors were able to diagnose her. At this stage we were confronted with needing to test her blood by pricking her finger and giving her four injections a day. We were horrified that we would have to do this to her.  The doctors explained what to look out for to prevent her from going into a coma and oxygen not getting to her brain. Even though monitoring and caring for her as she grew older was part of our daily lives and she was susceptible to infections and illness, we had a plan and did not let it affect our ability to be a happy family.


We had to adapt to her needs as required, she was raised not to see her condition as a burden or a hindrance but rather as something she could manage which facilitated her growing into an independent young woman.

I have thirty-six years’ experience in working with families with a range of challenges and issues.

Our children need to feel safe, secure, protected, and confident. They should not have to worry about what adults are supposed to be responsible for. They need to feel assured that their parents are taking responsibility because they need to be children.

I passionately believe that parents should feeling happy so that their children can thrive emotionally, socially, spiritually, academically, and in every other way possible.


Sometimes parents have difficulty being responsible and feel that they cannot cope with various aspects of family life.  If they are not feeling like this through no fault of their own, they may want help with this, and this is where I come in. I can facilitate the implementation of an action plan to help you as a parent develop and define roles and boundaries in the family so as you can function with healthier relationships.

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