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There is no issue that cannot be overcome in family relationships if the parties are wanting to restore mutual respect with a willingness to listen to each other, to safely express their feelings, opinions, and goals without being judged. It does not matter what age, gender or what the nature of the relationship issue is, it is important to be positive about good change happening.

I believe in the potential of families and that whatever the negative relational experience they may have, they can overcome it with effort, compromise, and good communication. However, it could take time because the parties involved may not be at the same point to move on. Moving on can be empowering for conflicting parties and sometimes the issues may have gone on for months or even years.

This is where family coaching comes in I help families identify the root issue, put together a plan to address it and facilitate the plan being actioned.


If you feel discomfort around your lack of communication and relationship with a family member, let us look at doing something about it.

Being a woman of faith, I am positive about facilitating the reparation of relationships by means of conflict resolution which you as conflicting parties can overcome and for your example to be followed by others in your family in terms of role modelling which can impact others by motivating them to use similar means to address their issues with others.

Problem solving is achieved in a mutually respectful and listen to the other party’s point of view.

I have dealt with many families in conflict especially with parents who have separated or divorced and where there is a great deal of acrimony which can have a severe impact on a child / teenager’s emotional wellbeing a mental health.


Where parents were divorced and both parents re-married living in different cities, the children were being exposed to acrimony/ hostility relating to weekend and holiday contact arrangements. The mother being the custodial parent engaged me as she wanted me to help her children with the emotional fall out of the poor communication and relationship, she had with the father which resulted in contact arrangements being made with the children having to pass messages back and forth to either parent until the contact was agreed.

This happens in many families as this should not be the responsibility of children, it places undue stress on them.

I helped the mother realise that the adults required intervention rather than the children I facilitated a meeting with the parents and their partners. Mother and her husband agreed to this I then contacted the father, he and his wife were willing to travel to the city we were in to meet with me, his ex-wife, and her new husband to devise a plan to put their differences aside.

They withdrew the responsibility given to the children for arranging contact with their father thereby reducing the amount of emotional risk the children would be exposed to and they ultimately worked on improving their communication.

The commitment of these parents to change the situation resulted in the children being unburdened (which was difficult for them as they had had control of an adult situation) and the parents compromised to the point of agreeing to meet each other halfway between the two cities on occasions which allowed for them to see their father more frequently.

If you are interested in a freeing yourself of resentment, a sense of burden and opening communication in a progressive and restorative way, we can do this together.


I offer different packages dependent on the families needs.

Book a clarity call HERE to get understanding of the package that best suits your family. The cost of the clarity call is offset against any package you take.

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