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This service is a favourite among many of my clients, as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier family.

1. Creating a vision for your relationships 

We look at where you and your family are now and explore the challenges you are facing as a family or an individual family member. We discuss and explore your current strategies because before you can move forward, you need to acknowledge what needs to change and determine what your goals are for example: How to better communicate and reconcile your relationships. 

2. Clarifying and exploring reasons for what has prevented you from initiating change

You might be static due to feeling insecure and fearful about initiating change. There could be a situation of doubting yourself / others in the family in relation to your relationship goals, past mistakes or ill-conceived thoughts of failure in repairing relationships or reaching family goals. These can keep you feeling stuck and in a vicious cycle of procrastination, self – doubt, self-sabotage, anxiety and stress. All of which keep you from achieving positive change and reaching solutions. In this step I coach you through what is discovered to where you want to be. 

3. Focus in  

Jointly we will find out what your vision is specifically for communication in your family relationships and how you will achieve it.

We will spend time creating a safe environment in which you and your family can talk about the challenges you are all experiencing and the reality of what is happening in your lives. We will focus on how to engage with each other in a mutually respectful manner where each one will listen to the views of others so you can plan a way forward to reach your goals as a family or as individuals if you choose to.  

4. Celebrate!

 We will Celebrate achievements and create a habit of recognizing your own and each other’s efforts. What you pay attention to grows. Your confidence and acceptance of yourselves as a family and as individuals will result in further development in these areas and in you developing successful communication which in turn results in each member respecting each other, feeling good about themselves and a having a more harmonious home environment.  

5. Put plans in place to achieve and maintain outcomes set by you.  

You will be able to achieve good communication and reduce conflict by listening and being open to opinions even though you may not agree with them. In changing the way, you communicate in challenging situations, you will develop a mature way of communicating, where the adults in the family can be good role models to their children. The process allows for family members to buy in as they are all contributing and breaking a negative cycle of actions and communicating.

This stage allows for looking at next steps………………

That is how you can maintain good effective behaviours, communication and relationships in order to move onto achieving other goals as a family.

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