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Our 10-year-old son informed my husband and I that my dad had been abusing my young daughter.

We needed to address his actions directly with him.  My parents were living in an annex on our property, and we needed to ask them to leave to protect my daughter.  As parents and given the emotion around this situation, we asked Sally to facilitate a meeting with us and them and to liaise with the relevant agencies.  

Sally swiftly facilitated the meeting during which my father acknowledged his actions. She advised on the processes that needed to be followed for his own protection and most importantly my daughter. We wanted my parents to move to which they were initially resistant but then agreed to.
Sally helped us discuss the way forward in terms of how we would communicate with our daughter and her two brothers so as not evoke any sense of guilt in terms of their grandparents having to leave whilst also reassuring her that she would now be safe and protected.
We put a plan together on how we would engage with what was a difficult time and process for our daughter and son individually and as family. We were able to review the plan as we went along and in line with how the situation changed always taking our daughters best interests and therapeutic needs into account. 

Sally was able to help us confront the situation that was best for all of us to deal with and take the appropriate action not only from our family but with my dad as well whilst protecting our daughter.  Her help was invaluable, very professional, non- judgmental and considerate. We were able to set goals in terms of the professionals we would engage with as individuals and as a family. Having a forward-looking plan enabled us to focus in spite of the emotion which ultimately helped us to work through this difficult time.

 Jennifer, UK


Sally could not have chosen a better field than Family Coaching to work in. Her 36 years of working with families has  equipped her with invaluable experience and expertise.

She is passionate about her work, as her colleague I have knowledge of her insight and her ability to work with clients of all ages. The ease with which she interacts with individuals from diverse backgrounds, her training in mediation also informs her approach in maintaining an objective stance when working with families.

Further, Sally has used her skills learnt in mediation to facilitate and empower families to arrive at workable solutions for themselves. The following are some of the types of matters she has worked with

- Parents who are experiencing challenges with managing their children

- Spouses who cannot communicate with each other constructively which is leading to conflict 

- Families which are experiencing financial difficulties

- Families that have experienced loss

- Difficulties in relation to pets

- Blended families experiencing communication/ relationship difficulties

- Families in conflict over care of an elderly family member

- In- law related communication difficulties .

I highly recommend Sally to you as a Family coach.


Nan , Brisbane, Australia . 

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